About PT. Dycom Inti Metalindo

PT. Dycom Inti Metalindo established since 2018, located in West Jakarta. In the spirit of dedication and limitless innovation, we strive to continuously provide the best solutions for customers and create the good qualified engineering processes, especially for  hydraulic.

Since its establishment and up to now, our capability, mastery of technology, and our experience has evolved significantly.
Our products and services have penetrated up to the large scale industries/companies.

The awareness of technology developments and competition in the market triggers us to always innovating. And it's our commitment to take part on contribution for better engineering process.

Mr. Hendy
CEO PT.Dycom Inti Metalindo

Customer is our royal

A good relationship with customers is one of keys to our success.
Customer satisfaction has become our pride.
Therefore, the strategies and fulfillment of customer needs are our special concern.

Best Quality & Latest Technology Product

We provide top-quality products with wide range of products to meet customer needs and better engineering process.

Best quality product from well-known manufacturer such as:
NITTOH (Japan), Fuji Hydraulic (Taiwan), Yuken (China), Hoyea (China), Durapac (Australia), Kobeflex (Taiwan), Wix (USA)

Competitive Price

Give our contribution for our customers for an efficient engineering process,
in terms of both process and cost. We offer the best and competitive prices for all products in market.

Fast Delivery Time

Speed in the delivery of our goods are also a mainstay.
Our courier personnel with the support and cooperation with the express courier company,
we are ready to serve our customers and provide their necessities of our products to all over Indonesia
and also with a short time.

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: PT. Dycom Inti Metalindo
: 2018
: Mr. Hendy

: Kaw. Pergudangan & Industri Daan Mogot Era Prima Blok O No.2
  Jl. Daan Mogot KM 21 No. 1, Poris Plawad, Cipondoh
  Tangerang - INDONESIA 15122

: Tel. : +62-21-55725000 Fax. : +62-21-55725333
  Email :

: 82.678.251.8-416.000

: Danfoss, Hidrocel, Ufi Filter, Yuken Hydraulic, Fuji Hydraulic, KOBEflex,
  DURAPAC, FASTER,  Triple R oil filter, WIX

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