miniBOOSTER Application


miniBOOSTER untuk Aplikasi Workholding

miniBOOSTER is commonly used to operate clamps and support cylinders in workholding systems. Low machine tool hydraulic pressure is used to produce a high pressure supply saving both energy and space.

Well-proven applications:

  • Clamp and support cylinders on pallets 
  • Rail clamping on machine centres
  • Unclamping of spindle heads
  • Rotating knives and clamps on turning machines

miniBOOSTER untuk Aplikasi Penyelamatan

miniBOOSTER is commonly used in rescue vehicles providing 350 to 630 bar for cutting spreading and lifting tools. The miniBOOSTER pressure intensifier can be mounted on the PTO of any rescue vehicle providing a reliable, fast and quiet High-Pressure source to existing rescue tools.

Next generation rescue tools

By integrating the miniBOOSTER hydraulic intensifier in the rescue tool, you can increase the supplied low pressure, to 700 bar or more, and benefit from higher force on your tool and a slimmer tool body.

Cutting through the next generation of safe cars, protected with composite filled metal tubes, will be piece of cake.

The rescue personnel will enjoy working with the super flexible, low pressure hoses (< 200 bar) which additionally will provide less risk of hose burst and potential high pressure oil injection injuries.

The advantage counts less hassle, carrying the heavy petrol driven power pack, to the place of accident.

On top of that the rescue operation will be almost noise free, creating less stress for the victim and rescue personnel.

miniBOOSTER untuk Aplikasi Rel Kereta

miniBOOSTER is commonly used in railroad maintenance work, offering an inexpensive and reliable way of obtaining 700 bar high pressure.

Based on existing hydraulic power sources providing 120–160 bar miniBOOSTER generates the high pressure for: Pulling/pushing tracks apart for welding, lifting the tracks and bending the rails.

Well-proven applications:

• Rail Road Stretchers
 • Cutting Tools
 • Power Packs
 • Crimping Tools


miniBOOSTER untuk Aplikasi pada Hydraulic Power Pack

miniBOOSTER is commonly used in Power Packs generating high pressure and noise free operation. Power Packs equipped with miniBOOSTERs are capable of supplying high flow and pressure up to 3,000 bar. Keeping system cost and noise level very low (64 dBa) miniBOOSTER adds great value to your Power Pack.

Well-proven Applications:

  • Bolt Tensioners
  • Nut Splitters
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Railroad Tools
  • Test Stands
  • Rescue Tools
  • Workholding

miniBOOSTER untuk Aplikasi Lepas Pantai

miniBOOSTER is commonly used in casing tongs and ROV tools where the compact size, and the reliability are essential.

An increasing number of sub-systems are requiring high pressure 350–800 bar.  miniBOOSTER offers a well proven solution which can be installed directly where high pressure is needed.

Well-proven applications:

• Wellhead Control Panels
 • Casing Tongs
 • Rough Necks
 • ROV tools (Cutting, crimping, bolt tensioners)
 • Blowout preventors
 • Downhole Safety valves

miniBOOSTER untuk Aplikasi Mobile

miniBOOSTER is commonly used to supply high pressure to attachments where small cylinders and high force are required.

The miniBOOSTER can utilise the low pressure vehicle hydraulic system to supply high pressure to operate high pressure tools, compared to using expensive high pressure pumps with flexible hoses.

Well-proven applications:

  • Mini demolition tools
  • Pile drivers
  • Tools in man lifts